Blog: Marketing Perspective

This week’s assignment is to write a blog based on the 60 Minutes transcript: The Influencers, We are to write a blog post discussing whether you follow any influencers. Then respond to the following questions:

Personally, I do not follow any of the people notes in the article. Between work, family and school, I don’t have time to waste on the opinions of much younger people touting products or items I am not likely to use, wear, or otherwise.

  • What do you notice about this type of marketing? I notice right off that the sillier the post more young people flock to it. I actually had to have my 18 year old niece watch some of the posts and explain to me what was going on. I must be getting old (52) as I have no patience with most of what we viewed.


  • What strategies are they employing? Their strategy is to reach the same age market they are a part of. They know their peers are most likely to be ones to pay the most attention to their antics. They take advantage of that and mold in a commercial for whatever seems to be the big thing of the week or whatever they can make the thing of the week.


  • What role do these influencers play in marketing? These influencers make the connection with the audience. Most Millennial’s are tuning just to see what is up next. As my niece explains, it isn’t so much whatever is being sold, as it is what is the next fun thing they will think of. Sometimes what they come with is enough to prompt the viewer to look into the product.


  • How does the use of marketing perspective impact the relationship between the company and consumer? It brings them together. If the favorite pitch person is going on about a specific product the viewer is bound to become curious and want to see for themselves what the deal is. Once they try to product, if they find they enjoy it, it reinforces the idea of seeing what the pitch person will come up with next and what product they will use. Additionally, it is like getting a referral from a family member of the same approximate age. It is easier to purchase and item if recommended by someone they feel they know.

For my class in the fourth week we are discussing how to meet a consumer’s needs by analyzing digital media. We were provided a choice of three examples of digital media and I chose: Whirlpool: Customer Driven Social Media.

What was done successfully to meet the wants and needs of the target audience? Whirlpool set out to prove that even though chores must be done it doesn’t mean that they are not appreciated. They wanted to prove that chores are acts of love and they have the power to impact the world. They collected stories from real consumers, did studies and found chores had a tremendous value for their families. They proved a labor of love. Real stories from real people flooded the brand from promoted social posts on Facebook and Twitter to television spots and everything in between, and created a wave of consumers wanting to get in on the conversations.

How was the social and consumer experience addressed? Was this done successfully? Explain. It was very successful. To inspire and drive conversations and content across social media, the brand used Crowdtap to build a community, in excess of 17 thousand passionate advocates, who got the conversation up and running by openly sharing their stories of “Every day, care” using text, images and videos. More than 44 thousand pieces of authentic user-generated content were collected, and the best content was promoted across multiple channels.

How were the digital media followers handled? The base of the campaign was a dedicated microsite –, which served as a library of real stories from real people. The microsite featured a compilation of content and encouraged visitors to contribute to by sharing their stories and perspectives on the care they give, and receive, every day. To move these stories beyond word-of-mouth, Whirlpool leveraged a comprehensive media strategy that canvassed new broadcast media, digital media and social promotion. These efforts including a GRAMMY Awards promotion led by country artist Hunter Hayes, a documentary series with Upworthy called “Perceptions of Care,” and multiple social engagements from CES in Las Vegas to the first charitable Smart Appliance (Connect2Care).

Is there something that could have been done differently to make that experience more efficient? I do not believe so. With the number of people reached I believe those that contributed wanted to. If someone did not it is because they did not want to. Whirlpool covered all the avenues.

What is the company doing effectively now? The slogan they are currently using is; Care Counts-Clean clothes shouldn’t stand in the way of a child’s education. They are addressing the fact that children miss school due to dirty clothes and they are reaching out and trying to help. All of their social sites are promoting this concept and trying to get their customers involved.

How are ethical engagements in social media helping with effectiveness? Not only are people reaching for help but others are reaching out to help. Schools are recommended to have appliances donated and others are trying to help in their communities by donating money and time to this cause. This seems to appeal to all people not just a specific group.



Branding: A Day in the Life

Being over 50, and a college student, while working 50-60 hours a week can be overwhelming. Thankfully, I have a great support system. My latest assignment is to  discuss a day in my life using digital media and respond to the following questions:

  • What sites and/or applications do you visit most often? Describe the sites and applications that you identify. My go to sites are Facebook, and Facebook allows me to keep up with friends and family. It allows me to deal with dumb people who feel their outlook is the outlook everyone should have. And, I can look at silly pictures of animals that make me smile. appeals to my creative side. I live vicariously through the author, Jillian. She promotes a great concept of remaking clothes as an eco-fashion revolutionary. Her blog is upbeat and interesting.


  • Do you have positive or negative reactions when using certain types of digital media? I have mostly positive reactions. Be the site Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or others I try to take them lightly and in the manner in which they are intended. The biggest negative is when idiots get in the way, and do something stupid and then put it out for the world to see.


  • Do you find that your needs are satisfied using one type of digital media over another? I feel that I get most what I need from Facebook and Refashionista. Other types are nice but don’t feed the family contact or creative side of me.


  • Do you receive emails from companies? If so, what types of email catch your attention? What do you look for? Unfortunately, I seem to get hundreds of e-mails. Most of them garbage. The only e-mails that catch my eye are those from friends and family and those items I have actually subscribed to, i.e., AZ Family Wildfires. I live in AZ and this time of year, summer, we spend a lot of time trying to avoid wildfires.


  • What do you notice about the use of digital media in marketing today? Explain. I notice that a great deal of companies feel that with all of their wahzoo advertising they don’t actually have to hire people who know what is going on, in their stores. I have actually found I would rather shop online than have to deal with employees. Digital media allows a company to appeal to a wide range people while, at the same time, appealing to a wide range of shopping types.